Great Golf Belts! Fashionably Carry Your Divot Tool and Ball Marker.

MARCH 30, 2016


Utility Style Option

Versatility isn’t something one usually requires from a belt, but the designers at KenRick Golf stumbled on to something with their multi-purpose leather straps. Besides their primary function of keeping you from losing your bottoms on the course, KenRick’s belts come with a divot tool and ball marker built in to the end tip. What’s the big deal? Think about how many times you’ve found yourself walking to the green and nearly dumping the entire contents of your pocket to find something to fix your pitch mark and put a spot on your ball. Critically, the end tip’s design is not bulky or cumbersome; the divot tool sleekly slides out of the tail. What I also like is the belt combines function with aesthetics; it can be worn on and off the course. Leather models are $95 and available in three color options from sizes 24 to 50 inches. A crocodile-embossed version is $110. Add this to the list of items that you didn’t know you needed until you finally had it.

—Marty Hackel/@MrStyleMH
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MARCH 2017


5 Must-Haves to Gear Up for Spring Golf

Belt Up Your Pants

If you’ve ever found yourself digging around in your pockets for a divot tool or ball marker while you juggle your glove, tees, and pocket change on your way to the green, it’s time to step up to the KenRick belt. Not only will one hold up your britches, it holds a convenient divot tool and ball marker right on the belt for ease of use. The divot tool slides out of the tail of the belt and the marker is attached to it.

The KenRick belts look good, too. They’re available in ribbon webbing with various patterns as well as several styles of leather including one that’s crocodile embossed. $60 - $120

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DECEMBER 11, 2016


Review - KenRick Golf Company

To the average person many would be inclined to think... "what's so special about a belt?" and the answer to the question is easy. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design of the belt. To that end the design is for the most part Mr. Schad's. The belt straps are offered in a very fine and premium leather and a "ribbon webbing". While the leather straps come in white, black and a crocodile embossed brown. The ribbon webbing can be customized and is great for companies or tournaments wanting to promote their respective brands. The ribbon is woven and not printed which is a point that Mr. Block pointed out. This leads to a superior product. Rounding out the design of the ribbon webbing version of the belt is a cotton backing and genuine leather. The leather version as stated earlier is made with the highest quality leather and the quality is obvious.

While the entire product is quite impressive the star of this show is the divot tool. The divot tool is made from cast aluminum and is the tip of the sword... I mean belt. It was by chance and accidental that the sound of the divot tool coming out of the belt is similar to the sound of a Samurai Sword coming out of the sheath. It was something that I noticed but never paid attention to until my conversation with Mr. Block. The design is smart and clicks when it's inserted back into the belt. The ball marker included is magnetic and sits inside of the divot tool. A recent change has seen KenRick make the ball markers open to customization.

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MARCH 2017


Inventors and Entrepreneurs Shine at 2017 PGA Merchandise Show

The 64th PGA Merchandise Show, held Jan. 24-27, in Orlando, welcomed some 1,000 top golf companies and brands from around the world to the industry’s annual trade show and global summit. While much of the Orange County Convention Center floor featured golf ’s major manufacturers, the driving force of the PGA Show, since its humble beginnings in the parking lot at PGA National Golf Club in Dunedin, Fla, in 1954, has been inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up merchandisers. The Inventors’ Spotlight and New Product Zone areas at the show have become a proven launching pad for new training and teaching aids, accessories and equipment to be seen by industry influencers product development experts, distributors and retail buyers. This year was no exception. Here are a few top picks:


KenRick Golf Company has two founders - Ken Block (not the DC Shoes/race car guy and not the lead singer of Sister Hazel) and Rick Schad. Ken is a computer guy who owns a software engineering business and was a candidate for Governor of Rhode Island in 2014. Rick Schad has over 25 years of design experience, from designing t-shirts for some of the greatest rock bands on earth to designing toys for some iconic toy brands. Made in the USA, KenRick golf belts are precision-crafted, premium leather and webbed belts that combine fashion and function enabling golfers to conveniently carry their divot tool and ball marker right in the tip of their belt. No more stabbing your hand when reaching into your pocket or even worse, puncturing a hole in your favorite golf pants. The distinctive divot repair tool is made of a The distinctive divot repair tool is made of a premium sleek and lightweight alloy for strength and durability. A magnetic and easy-to-logo ball marker comes attached on the back.

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