Great Golf Belts! Fashionably Carry Your Divot Tool and Ball Marker.


Juice Up your pro shop sales with our beautiful and innovative belts! Wow your tournament players with a unique and functional gift!


The new patented KenRick golf belt includes an onboard divot tool and "always ready" ball marker for easy access on the green.

Fine Leather
Our premium leather belts are sophisticated and fashionably versatile both on the course and at the office.

Our highly customizable ribbon belts are also of excellent quality - they are woven, not printed - and offer golfers an equally fashionable, functional belt with a more casual style.

Let us brand our belts for your needs.

Let us put your logo and images on our ribbon belt. Our ribbons are woven and not printed, providing a high quality belt.

We can color print your logo on our ball markers for all of our belts.


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