Great Golf Belts! Fashionably Carry Your Divot Tool and Ball Marker.

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KenRick Golf Company was created to bring to market truly unique and functional products for golfers. We hate gimmicky ideas and only work on items that combine function with aesthetics. We strive to make our products in the United States, and have succeeded with our first product - our golf belt with built-in divot tool. We feel that it is important to help build the US economy and will do so as long as we are able to bring products to market at a competitive price point. We strongly believe our golf belts meet this test!

KenRick Golf Company has two founders - Ken Block (no - not the DC Shoes/race car guy and not the lead singer of Sister Hazel) and Rick Schad. We went through a ridiculous number of names for our business before getting tired of trademark issues and picking a name that no one had used before.

Ken is a computer guy who owns a software engineering business that provides the software for the Food Stamp program for the State of Texas, as well as data mining services for state governments looking for waste and fraud in social service spending programs. Ken is very politically active, and was a candidate for Governor of Rhode Island in 2014. Ken has consistently played just two rounds of golf (for charity) a year for many years - and realizes that he now needs to radically improve his game.

Rick Schad has over 25 years of design experience, from designing t-shirts for some of the greatest rock bands on earth to designing toys for some of the most iconic toy brands in history. Rick has also provided design services for Fox Sports' Major League Baseball and National Football League broadcasts and is currently creative director for a major bicycle company. Rick loves puppies, large cuts of meat and reading his horoscope. Rick is a veteran who served in the Air Force. Rick is a skilled golfer and he tolerates Ken's golf skills for now.

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